BREAKING NEWS – Bremerton, Washington – A high school football coach fired for leading prayers on the 50-yard line said he is going to give thanks at the team’s home opener, following his reinstatement.

Joseph Kennedy is set to receive a $1.7 million settlement after the Supreme Court ruled his prayer is protected under the First Amendment. He is ready to coach at Bremerton High School for his first game of the season.

“I challenge everybody to take on God,” he told Fox News. “Just try Him out. Prove me wrong and you’ll see what miracles He could do in your lives. If an Average Joe like me could do it, imagine what everybody else could do in America.”

“We’re not done with him yet!” the principal of Bremerton High School angrily said to Fox News after hearing the interview. “If we see him appear to be praying during a game, and his prayers are immediately answered by God, then we will urge the referees to charge him with having too many men on the field!”