BREAKING NEWS – Huntington, New York – A New York diner owner found himself with throngs of new customers after a popular food delivery service allegedly blackballed his eatery, and some of his regulars boycotted him and staffers reportedly quit over his support of Israel.

Peter Tsadilas, owner of the Golden Globe Diner told FOX News he has been shocked by the community’s response. He had lined his windows with posters of Israelis taken hostage by Hamas last month, as well as signs stating that Greek diners stand with Israel.

Tsadilas alleged that DoorDash drivers partnered with each other to “stand against us” for displaying Israeli flags and hostage posters. However, since the diner attracted press attention, it has seen its customer base balloon, with patrons coming from as far as Florida to show support for Tsadilas.

The employees that quit the restaurant, have now filed a lawsuit against Golden Globe Diner, demanding some of the unexpected windfall that continues to rise at the restaurant, alleging in part in the court documents “Peter Tsadilas is profiting from our Antisemitism, so we feel we are entitled to 50% of the profits prompted by our racism.”