BREAKING NEWS – Chicago, Illinois – A female University of Chicago student reportedly disarmed a robbery suspect who approached her on the sidewalk and demanded her phone as she walked to class.

The 21-year-old student named Madi told WGN that she was walking her usual route home from class on South University Avenue when a masked man approached her and demanded her phone, the outlet reported.

“He flashes the gun towards me and I kind of just go blank, I throw the phone behind my hands, we get into this tussle, and he eventually gets the phone from me,” Maddi told WGN. “I was grabbing maybe for my phone, maybe the gun, it’s really a blackout moment for me, and I realize that I was able to grab the magazine out of the gun.”

Madi reportedly threw the magazine into a bush and ran, according to WGN.

The suspect was later apprehended and he told the police, “If I am arrested, then that lady should be arrested too, for taking my gun which is theft, and for briefly carrying a gun without a license!”