BREAKING NEWS – Chicago, Illinois – An outraged Chicago resident spoke out against Mayor Brandon Johnson for re-purposing tax dollars for illegal immigrants shortly before the city is set to vote on a $70 million proposal to bolster sanctuary city resources.

“P-Rae” Easley called out Johnson for the “disrespectful” effort to use residents’ hard-earned tax dollars for the migrant crisis during “Fox & Friends,” but also thanked him for inadvertently uniting the city against the proposal.

“It’s the most disrespectful thing we’ve ever encountered in our lives,” Easley told Lawrence Jones of Fox News.

“We’ve been paying property taxes in the city for generations, and to see them so openly give our money to people who don’t deserve it is very insulting. … I want to thank our mayor for uniting the city in a way that we haven’t seen since the ’96 Bulls, and that’s against him and this progressive agenda,” she said later in the interview, referencing the NBA team’s dynasty under Michael Jordan.

“The people in this city act like this is the stupidest decision I’ve made since I was elected,” explained Mayor Johnson. “When in fact, the stupidest decision I’ve made was to tell Governor Abbott of Texas that Chicago is a sanctuary city!”