Acronyms for F-A-I-T-H

FAITH    Fully Anticipating It to Happen

FAITH    Forwarding All Issues to Heaven

FAITH    Forsaking All I Trust Him

FAITH    Food Always in the Home (Philippines program)

FAITH    Full Assurance in Trusting Him

FAITH    Forsaking All I Take Him

FAITH    Full Assurance in the Heart

FAITH    Fantastic Adventures In Trusting Him

FAITH    Fear Ain’t In This House

FAITH    Finding Answers In The Heart

FAITH    For Anything Impossible Trust Him

FAITH    Fabulous Adventures in Trusting Him

FAITH    For All I Trust Him

FAITH    Fast Acting Integrate Tactical Headquarters

FAITH    Friends Are in the Heart

FAITH    Fact Accepted in the Heart

FAITH    For Anything I Trust Him

FAITH    For Answers I Trust Him

FAITH    Find Assurance in Trusting Him

FAITH    Forever Always I Trust Him

FAITH    Father All in Thy Hands

FAITH    Foolish Atheists In Time… Hot