BREAKING NEWS – Chicago, Illinois – Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt is 98, was on hand Thursday as her beloved Loyola-Chicago men’s basketball team upset Miami in the school’s first NCAA Tournament game in 33 years. “Thank God,” she said in an interview after the game. “Thank God you did it because we knew we would do it. And when we were in the locker room ahead of the game, we just knew that we would do this. Our team is so great, and they don’t care who makes the points, as long as we win the game. And I said, ‘We’re gonna get the big W up there,’ and we did.” She later stated, “I was thankful to finally see the Cubs win the World Series in 2016. Hopefully, I will live long enough to see Hillary Clinton shut up and stop making excuses on why she got her butt kicked when she ran for president.”