BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Russia seemingly has ignored Secretary of State John Kerry’s appeals to stop bombing civilians and allow critical humanitarian aid to starving Syrians – and is instead escalating its military involvement, deploying four of its most capable fighter jets to Syria, two defense officials confirmed. Despite backing two U.N. resolutions in support of a ceasefire, Russia reneged on its promise to stop bombing civilians in Syria, a prerequisite for the U.N.-backed talks in Geneva. During a brief face-to-face meeting, Putin responding to Kerry’s request by putting a finger in his chest and calling him the ugliest man in U.S. history. The State Department challenged Putin’s assertion by sending the Russian President a picture of Frankenstein to prove that Secretary of State was second, not first. After carefully viewing the photo and Putin reversing his position saying it’s “too close to call”, Kerry then called it “a big victory for the United States”.