BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta railed against Kim Kardashian West, visiting the Oval Office to talk to President Trump. “It just gets to the lack of seriousness,” Acosta said on CNN. “Forget about the fact that Kim Kardashian is here at the White House today and what planet that is anything resembling normal, because it’s not. Plus she’s married to a rapper. How can she be taken serious?” When Acosta told that Beyoncé visited President Obama twice, and she’s married to a rapper. Acosta seemed genuinely rattled as he attempted to respond. “Well,” he began, “that’s different. It’s different… and uh, uh, everybody knows it. What I mean to say is uh, I uh… ok, Jay-Z is Beyoncé’s husband and his rap is powerful, and he knows how to use profanity and racial slurs about blacks to uh, to uh, build them up. And Kanye, who is Kim’s husband doesn’t use enough racial slurs and vulgar lyrics to show that he is uh, connected to his people… I think.”