BREAKING NEWS – Cambridge, Massachusetts – While speaking to some college students at Harvard, Hillary Clinton shocked the audience, after she expanded on how she really felt the night of her loss to Donald Trump in 2016. In her book “What Happened”, she wrote “I yelled at the television. I nearly threw the remote control at the wall.” When she went further, and spoke her feelings, gasps can be heard throughout the crowd. “I was so angry,” she began. “When I realized I was going to lose, I called the blacks that didn’t support me some racial slurs, including President Obama. I referred to all the women that voted for Trump in some extremely vulgar terms. And I wanted all the Hispanics that didn’t vote for me, beaten up and deported, whether they were in this country legally or not.” She stopped for a moment and scanned the audience, noticing many of the people covering their mouths in disbelief. “The only tender moment I had that night, was Bill holding my hand during that very difficult time, when I knew he would rather be down the hall in a different hotel room, spending the evening with one of his whores.”