BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – Biden spoke with reporters before boarding Air Force One after he lashed out at CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins earlier at his press conference following his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He apologized for “being such a wise guy.”

While he chided reporters for never asking a “positive question,” Biden paid a compliment to the reporters surrounding him on the tarmac, telling them, “You’re the brightest people in the country.”

MSNBC’s Jake Sherman, appeared giddy about the remark.

“Biden just now to reporters: You’re the brightest people in the country. Trump didn’t say that,” Sherman tweeted. “All Trump ever did was complain about the blatant bias that we were guilty of, as liberal networks like ours, did everything we could to destroy his presidency, and twist stories to make him look bad, while ignoring his accomplishments. Even though liberal reporters brought journalistic standards to a new low, Trump still could’ve given us a compliment every now and then.”