BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham told reporters he was “amazed at how badly” the first six months of the Biden administration has been for the U.S.

“The border is in chaos. Afghanistan is teetering. China is rearing its head. Inflation is growing because we’re spending so much money that’s not paid for,” Graham said.  “You see lawlessness in the streets, the cops do not feel supported.”

President Biden responded to Graham’s criticism. “That was the problem with the Trump Administration, they were always trying to fix problems,” he began. “My administration is laid back and relaxed. We hope and believe that if you leave a situation alone long enough, it’ll correct itself. Why do you think Vice President Harris hasn’t been to the border? This is why we both dodge questions every chance we get, because we both strongly believe that answering questions about problems creates even more problems. Come on man!”