BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – Former “View” co-host Meghan McCain went on a tear against the Biden administration Friday over the turbulent U.S. military withdrawal from Afghanistan – as the Taliban continued to gain more ground in the war-torn nation.

Reports that the capital city of Kabul could fall any day to the terrorist organization have sparked a panic in Washington with the Pentagon rushing 3,000 troops to help evacuate U.S. personnel from the American Embassy.

McCain torched the execution of the military withdrawal and the turmoil that has been caused on the ground, taking a swipe at President Biden.

“Even if you thought leaving Afghanistan was the right decision – this is a reckless, dangerous, blundering, and embarrassing withdrawal,” McCain began a series of tweets. “We left our translators, women, children, people who helped us for 20 years to be slaughtered.”

President Biden responded to McCain’s tweets. “I can hardly believe this,” Biden began. “She’s taking the same position that President Trump would take, and I thought she hated him. I think she’s confused and I’ll give her time to reverse her position. And as far the translators and women, we’ve paid them all a fair wage, and whether they escape or not is up to them… we may never know for sure because we don’t pry into the personal lives of our associates.”