BREAKING NEWS – London, England – George Clooney has officially ruled out a pivot from show business to politics.

The 60-year-old actor and director noted in an interview with the BBC’s Andre Marr that, while he’s engaged in politics, he is hoping to reduce his workload rather than increase it with a foray into running for office.

Clooney, a longtime supporter of President Biden, described America as a country that is still recovering from the damage caused by Donald Trump.

“President’s Trump’s damage has gone a lot deeper than policies,” explained Clooney. “More and more of my democratic friends believes that Trump is also responsible for Biden’s current appearance of him having brain damage. Biden is consistently saying things that makes zero sense, due to his memory cells misfiring on an almost daily basis. Trump is behind this, I have no doubt, but nothing else can explain Biden’s accelerated public descent into madness.”