BREAKING NEWS – Falls Church, Virginia – A pro-choice activist protesting outside the home of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett in Falls Church, Virginia, disparaged the justice’s views on abortion by claiming she doesn’t know what it’s like to give birth.

Barret has five biological children and two adopted children.

“It’s also possible that the fact that she’s an adoptive mother is influencing her inability to see what it’s like to carry a pregnancy to term,” the protester said in video obtained by Fox News Digital.

When she was confronted by a reporter and informed that Barrett has carried several children to term, the protester replied, “Well uh, uh… well that doesn’t count, because uh, uh… I mean uh, unless she has two sets of triplets in that group of seven, single births don’t count. So uh, uh… stop giving me information that confuses me!”