BREAKING NEWS – Concord, New Hampshire – Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire says that it’s “frustrating” that President Biden has yet to support her push to temporarily repeal the federal gas tax, to help consumers cope with skyrocketing prices at the pump.

“What I’ve been pushing for is, among other things, is suspending the gas tax. That helps put some more money back in people’s pockets. I’m pushing the administration to support that. They haven’t yet and that’s frustrating,” Hassan told Fox News.

President Biden responded to Hassan’s interview. “I don’t take seriously, the opinion of senators representing small sparsely populated fly-over states,” explained Biden. “They don’t have enough poor uneducated communities for me to pander to. Besides, New Hampshire is just as reliable as black people in regard to voting blocks, and they’ll also always cast a ballot for me no matter how bad I screw things up.”