BREAKING NEWS – Washington, D.C. – Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, an independent, and Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who have a history of knocking financial “loopholes” used by wealthy individuals and corporations, are set to vote on the Inflation Reduction Act after the measure’s carried interest tax provision that targeted billionaires was removed.

“Let me be as clear as I can be. The budget reconciliation bill is PAID FOR. How will that happen? We will finally end the days of tax loopholes and evasions by the billionaire class of this country,” Sanders wrote in a tweet. “Yes, they will finally pay their fair share of taxes.”

Warren also claimed in a 2017 tweet that “real tax reform would close up loopholes for the rich [and] put working families first.”

In a joint letter, they both responded to their apparent flip-flop. “After giving it some serious consideration, we are no longer hostile toward billionaires. We’ve met a few liberal billionaire donors, and we feel they are good decent people. We are now hostile only toward trillionaires. We can’t find any, because we believe they are in hiding, knowing that we will demand for them to pay their fair share!”