BREAKING NEWS – New York City, New York – Chelsea Clinton defended former President Trump’s son Barron from being harassed by the press and on social media, saying he’s not involved in his father’s politics and has an “unimpeachable right to privacy.”

Clinton’s perspective on “The View” followed a former NBC executive targeting the younger Trump in a recent X post, commenting on his 18th birthday that he’s “fair game” now.

“Yesterday Barron Trump turned 18,” Ana Navarro said. “There was a debate on social media – I saw it on TV – where some people are saying, ‘OK, he’s now an adult, he’s now 18, he’s now fair game. He’s no longer a child.’ He’s largely stayed out of the spotlight… How do you feel about it?”

Without hesitating, Clinton replied, “I think he’s a private citizen. I mean, I feel so strongly that if you are a private citizen, you have an unimpeachable right to privacy, and I think the media should leave him alone.”

As Chelsea was leaving the building, her mother Hillary shouted to her, “You are now cut out of my will!” as she flew passed her daughter while riding a broom.