Wacky Weekend Questions – Suppose you found out that your wealthy grandparents (with whom you always had a very good relationship), decided that they were planning on leaving you nothing in their will. Would you (out of curiosity) ask them the reason for their decision, or wait until there were no witnesses around and then rough’em up?

COMMENTARY: I’d never “rough’em” up (even though I’d be tempted). I think I would probably find their dentures when they went to bed at night, and then […]

Wacky Weekend Questions – After attending a very high class social function one evening; if you woke up the next morning (with a hangover), half dressed in a run down motel in a shoddy neighborhood, would you feel obligated to have breakfast with the sleazy person laying next to you that you don’t remember meeting, after you “nervously” went to the free clinic next door (before hitchhiking home)?

COMMENTARY: As I understand it, a balanced breakfast is always a good way to start the day.

Wacky Weekend Questions – Suppose you had some medical training, and a financially irresponsible roommate. If you were sure you could get away with it (because they were a sound sleeper and would never find out) would you drain a pint of blood from them once a month, and sell it to cover their fair share of living expenses?

COMMENTARY: I feel this is fair and reasonable. And at the time of the termination of the lease, if they were the cause of me losing […]

Wacky Weekend Questions – Would you push someone down a flight of stairs if they were in your way and you were in a hurry to buy an item that finally went sale that you’ve been wanting on for months? If no, suppose the sale for the item was 50% off? If still no, what if it was a 2 for 1 sale?

  COMMENTARY: I think smart shoppers will conclude, that being charged with an assault or possibly manslaughter for pushing someone down a flight of stairs is […]

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